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Valentine's Day Minis

Valentine's Day Mini Sessions
Session 1:

Session 2:

 Session 3:

 Session 4:

 Session 5:

Family Time on the Nature Trail

It was such a beautiful weekend. I am so happy I got to spend a little one on one time with the hubby and oldest daughter. We went to check out a new trail and I have to say it's very pretty. Here are some pictures I was able to capture while we were there. I think it was too cold for most of the swamp creatures, but I did manage to catch a few.

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Boudoir Questions Answered

What is a Boudoir Session?

What exactly is a boudoir session?  Well, here you go. A boudoir session is done in anything from lounging sleepwear to nothing at all. Some women even wear dresses or skirts and blouses. Your picture is taken usually in a bedroom setting, but can be taken anywhere you feel comfortable with. Feel free to let your imagination run wild. Poses range from very modest and sweet posing to more sultry, seductive posing. Again, this all depends on what you are comfortable with doing. Each boudoir session is completely different from the next. Every person is different and has different tastes. 

 I'm interested, but I'm no supermodel. How would that work?  I have rarely had a client that was built like a Runway Model. Most of my clients are average size and build. I have had curvy clients also, and every single one has loved not only their finished portraits, but their experience as well. We all want to feel pampered and beautiful and we are all beautiful no ma…

Wacky Wednesday January 15

MDP Photography 
Wacky Wednesday!!!
Don't leave the answers below, so the next person can try to find them. When you find all 5, hit "like", leave a  in the comments and/or share on your page so others can play too. Good luck!

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Camera Shy or Camera Bug

Camera Shy or Camera Bug The Life of a Photograher

 Camera Shy 

     So, you are at a family function and you see the perfect photo op. You swiftly pull out your camera. You get it all fired up and peep in your viewfinder ready to snap that "kodak" moment and you realize your subject is on to you. Whether they are camera shy, or the opposite, a camera bug, you can't get the shot you wanted. What do you do? 
Camera Shy
     I love when I catch my kids in their own element. I have to be a stealthy ninja to actually catch it on camera. Normally,I quietly grab my phone because it is the least obtrusive and try to quickly get it in camera mode. Then, I hope for the best and try to snap. Usually, they catch me and the moment is lost. 
     Does this every happen to you? How do you try and catch your special moments on camera?
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The Birthday Girls

The Birthday Girls
Good things come in twos. Here is the perfect example. These two girls warm my heart with their sweet personalities.